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Discover the intricate details and evolving complexities of the commodity trading landscape at Commodity Trading Week 2024 in London. This event offers an unparalleled opportunity to delve into key aspects of trading such as risk management, market analytics, and geopolitical influences.

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APRIL 23-24, 2024
Stamford Bridge Stadium, London
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You’ll gain exclusive insights from our senior risk management experts from all over the world.
They’ll analyse the overarching trends of digitalisation, regionalisation and decarbonisation and their impact on risk management and business models, and they’ll also discuss the impact of the war on Ukraine on markets and risk management practices, counterparty risk, trade finance, latest development in risk technologies,
as well as best practices around operational risks, and many more!


The event will give a 360° view of all digital matters for commodity trading companies, including innovation and best practices around CTRMs, algo trading, blockchain, data journey, digital transition, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, data analytics, and many more!


Traders Live provides a place to discuss changes and share best practices around trading desk organisation, market dynamics, and much more. You’ll hear from experts in trading about ways to gain efficiency and improve the workplace environment.


The Shipping & Maritime Forum will focus on the mega trends of commodities transportation and logistics. Highlighting the pain points and areas of improvement of the shipping market with a special focus on market outlook, freight markets,sustainability/decarbonisation, digital innovation, regulations, and financing.


The global commodity trade finance landscape has never been more interesting and dynamic!
The joint global megatrends of sustainability and digitalisation have already begun to transform long established practices and approaches.
The Commodity Trade Finance Forum brings together traders, producers, financers, leading advisory firms and technology providers to assess and share best practices on how to leverage this change and ensure your company is well placed to benefit from disruptive forces in the trade finance field, and guarantee sustainable, secure and cost-effective access to financing.


Commodity Trading Markets will be providing essential market information to trading companies. A main focus will be on Agriculture, Metals and Energy, exploring key themes and topics including global food supply chain, climate change impacts, energy transition metals, carbon markets and much more!


The Commodity Investment Summit provides a platform for institutional investors and investment managers from across the globe to meet and explore strategies across commodity, natural resource and ESG investments. We aim to make the day as inclusive as possible to the burgeoning investor community and ensure as many of these rapidly growing, important new sectors of commodities are able to join.


The Commodities Procurement Forum will address challenges and opportunities for commodity procurement professionals eager to benchmark best practices and keep up-to-date with market dynamics, supply chain management, and hedging and risk mitigation strategies, while taking into account today’s challenges around sustainability and energy transition.


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Delve into the intricacies of commodity trading

Featuring a programme focused on the most pressing matters in commodities, including industry insights on managing market risks and volatility, energy transition challenges, along with the digitalisation of the commodity markets – there truly is something for everyone involved in the industry.
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Networking Opportunities

At Commodity Trading Week 2024 in London, you'll have unparalleled opportunities to connect and network with like-minded professionals. Our carefully designed networking sessions, workshops and social interactions, serve as catalysts for forming meaningful relationships in the commodity trading community. Come, broaden your professional circle and pave the way for exciting new opportunities in the commodity trading world.
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APRIL 23-24 2024, Stamford Bridge Stadium, London
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