We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors for their invaluable support, which makes Commodity Trading Week London not just possible but exceptional. Our sponsors are industry leaders and innovators committed to advancing the field of commodity trading. Their expertise and resources help us to offer a diverse and enriching program, featuring the latest trends, technologies, and best practices shaping the future of the commodity markets.

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Founded in 2016, cQuant.io is an industry leader in analytic solutions for energy and commodity companies. Specializing in Total Portfolio Analysis, cQuant’s cloud-native SaaS platform simulates all risk factors, optimizes portfolio decisions, and includes dynamic reports and dashboards for better decision making. cQuant’s customers have greater insight into their financial forecasts and the drivers of value and risk in their business. 

cQuant is a team of senior quantitative model developers, experienced energy analysts, software developers and cloud infrastructure experts. Leveraging decades of energy experience, cQuant is committed to serving the present and future analytic landscape with the most accurate models and highest performance in the industry. The field of analytics is changing rapidly and cQuant is dedicated to offering the latest advantages to their customers. 
Molecule is the world’s most modern ETRM/CTRM. The software is designed for electricity, natural gas, crude, liquids, metals, ags, softs, crypto, and FX options/futures. Molecule captures over 50,000 physical and financial products, across 50 commodities.

Molecule uses the latest technology to make the risk system powerful—but also light, fast, and easy-to-use – a first in the industry. As a result, Molecule lets risk and operations managers at trading companies “go home earlier,” by automating routine tasks and complex calculations. It is next-generation position, P&L, near-time VaR, and risk analytics software for any company that trades commodities. Molecule also offers specialized add-ons for physical power and enterprise cryptocurrency trading.

Using our cloud-native product, customers get more data security and reliability while enjoying a SaaS pricing model and regular product upgrades with no interruption to service. Implementations can be completed in 90 days, and proactive support is provided by the team that does implementations – so that we can alert your team of problems, before you find them.

Based in Houston, Texas, the Molecule team serves IPPs, hedge funds, energy marketers and advisors, and Fortune 100 companies in North America and worldwide.



In the Commodity Trading and Management business, expertise emerges as the most valuable resource. A deep understanding of the commodity trade lifecycle is what makes Quor Group, the leading Commodity Trading, and Commodity Management solutions provider.
quor group


With over 20 years of proven experience providing mission-critical technology in some of the most demanding and highly-regulated markets, Nasdaq is the world’s largest capital markets infrastructure technology provider, with its technology powering 1 in 10 of the world’s securities transactions globally.

Nasdaq has 10+ years of experience in regulatory and risk management technology, making the Nasdaq Risk Platform a proven solution enabling firms to monitor and manage their aggregate risk exposure across markets, asset classes, regions, and accounts in real-time through flexible pre-, at-, and post-trade controls.

The solution operates off a centralized hub that provides a single point of awareness and control across all risk silos and various systems monitored by the Nasdaq Risk Platform. Nasdaq Risk Platform provides firms with tools that can provide actionable intelligence through this holistic layer of control across trading activity.

Nasdaq Risk Platform can also help reduce operational risk across the enterprise. Firms can use the Nasdaq Risk Platform to set global limits across all of their systems to proactively manage aggregate exposure, instead of trying to address the problem through disparate or retroactive measures. Nasdaq Risk Platform process over 130 data handlers daily. The sophisticated solution is able to standardize data, enabling firms to gain additional business insight, better manage regulatory compliance and leverage additional business applications.


Digital commodity solutions by commodities experts.
ClearDox® allows commodity-intensive businesses to secure a competitive advantage by digitizing and automating critical document-intensive processes. ClearDox provides the only intelligent automation platform created for commodity companies by commodity experts. By unlocking data across their business interactions embedded in hundreds of types of documents, our clients improve operational efficiencies and resiliency, while making smarter decisions.

ClearDox is unique in the space by offering turnkey solutions across agriculture, metals, renewables, oil, and gas, covering vital processes including trade confirmations and inventory/transportation management, along with invoice and letter of credit processing. At the core is a patented multi-faceted AI approach that intelligently extracts the appropriate data for processing and automates the reconciliation process.
We are RadarRadar (formerly Tradesparent). Experts in the commodity trade and processing industry. Operating in the most fundamental industries of the world, food, energy and other commodities. Since 2010, we deliver high profile projects for the world’s leading commodity producers, traders, and processors. We work with our clients to configure bespoke and extendable data solutions, enabling their successful digital transformation.
radar radar
KYOS Commodity Risk Solutions understands the needs of commodity market players.
We have worked for decades in commodity and energy trading. Especially if you are dealing with multiple commodities such as raw materials, ingredients, packaging, energy for production – with all of these: we support you with excellent trading and risk management software and services, incorporating best-in-class financial modelling techniques.
Gain an edge in Trading Firm Efficiency, Compliance, and Risk Management with BroadPeak.
Business users drive trade data management, transaction surveillance, regulatory reporting, and position limits.
Benefit from certified connections for trades and orders directly from venues, brokers, and trading systems.
Founded to transform the way the maritime world works and makes decisions, Veson is a global market leader in developing, implementing, and supporting the solutions that propel maritime commerce. The Veson IMOS Platform (VIP) empowers commodities traders with a set of tools that enable them to rapidly evaluate and secure the strongest deals, manage contracts at every point of the voyage lifecycle, optimize pre-fixture decisions, rapidly discern mark-to-market performance, and manage maritime freight exposure. Driven by a commitment to continual innovation, a spirit of collaboration, and an enduring focus on customer success, Veson is a trusted partner to commodities traders as they navigate evolving business realities and new possibilities in a digital age.
Loqsea Technology Ltd ‘Risk Manager’ is a comprehensive and affordable commodity trading platform for front - office Trading and Risk Management. It features electronic trading with exchanges and it has Live position and Live P&L, setting us apart from other CTRMs. It is a SaaS offering making implementation and ongoing maintenance simplified and inexpensive.
Risk manager has Live trade capture, OTC blotters, Futures, Options, Var and ‘on demand’ exchange margination. Live Position Matrices and Live LME trading cards make position visualisation and reconciliation easy.
Live P&L views ensure that the risk is managed properly and accurately. Both ‘end of day’ and intra - day ‘snapshots’ facilitate the management of risk on a timely basis.
Sea is the leading provider of commercial software solutions for global maritime trade. Sea delivers reliable, data-driven solutions that power better decisions to enable sustainable shipping for charterers, brokers, and owners.
Leveraging innovative software with strategic collaborations, and integrations with key partners across the maritime ecosystem, Sea is rapidly becoming the intelligent marketplace for fixing freight for global shipping professionals.
Accenture is a leading global professional services company that helps the world’s leading businesses, governments and other organizations build their digital core, optimize their operations, accelerate revenue growth and enhance citizen services—creating tangible value at speed and scale.

We are a talent and innovation led company with 738,000 people serving clients in more than 120 countries. Technology is at the core of change today, and we are one of the world’s leaders in helping drive that change, with strong ecosystem relationships.

We combine our strength in technology with unmatched industry experience, functional expertise and global delivery capability. We are uniquely able to deliver tangible outcomes because of our broad range of services, solutions and assets across Strategy & Consulting, Technology, Operations, Industry X and Accenture Song.

These capabilities, together with our culture of shared success and commitment to creating 360° value, enable us to help our clients succeed and build trusted, lasting relationships. We measure our success by the 360° value we create for our clients, each other, our shareholders, partners and communities.
XDC Trade Network is a Singapore-started fintech, using blockchain and other advanced technologies like AI and IoT, we have developed a solution to digitalise cross-border trade documents. Our solution primarily does the following:

  • Help create all types of trade documents digitally adhering to the latest standards recommended by ICC DSI. These documents have the legal validity of electronic transferable records that are functionally equivalent to paper-based transferable documents and instruments including bills of lading, bills of exchange, promissory notes, and warehouse receipts.
  • Shippers can avail of receivables finance when they submit their trade document created in an MLETR-supported solution.

XDC is looking at lowering compliance costs, easing access to capital, allowing monitoring of logistics chains in real-time, and even helping prevent documentary fraud.

A typical trade transaction can take 2-3 months to complete and involve up to 27 paper documents. Four billion paper documents float through the trading system at any given time. As per Asian Development Bank, the global trade finance gap has reached an estimated $2.5 trillion in 2022, which affects mostly the SMEs.

Our solution is a welcome relief for commodity traders who can go digital with our revolutionary solution and tap into liquidity for their trades. Visit us for more on how you can get started.


DycoTrade delivers high-end commodity ERP software solutions for commodity and trade companies all over the world. Commodity businesses need to be agile, efficient and on top of positions, risk mitigations and forex hedging. Our users are in full control of their commodity business with the DycoTrade Commodity ERP Solution.
MDX Technology (MDXT) delivers OTC price sharing technology to the global trading community.
Over 100 firms rely on our low-code, workflow and data connectivity platform to execute and exploit lucrative opportunities faster than their competitors. Whether you are a trader looking to build curves, manage positions and share pricing across global desks, or a broker looking to publish prices for customers to trade directly or launch an RFQ, we have out of the box and customizable solutions. MDXT is; fast to deploy, high performing, reliable, cost effective, easily configurable without the need for overburdened internal development resources.
We are true specialists in real-time data distribution with extensive pre-built functionality and knowledge to accelerate deployments.Users include investment banks, energy and commodity trading firms, brokers, exchanges, asset managers, hedge funds, and trading venues. Headquartered in London we serve Europe, North America and Asia.
mdx technology
With great attention to detail, the Swiss company Erich Keller plans and manufactures high-quality furniture for stock exchange, energy, and commodities trading. The rock-solid and yet elegant-looking trading desks from the H-COM family meets the technical and ergonomic needs of today and tomorrow. A multiple benefit for the trading companies is also our new room in room system Talky. The pods set new standards in terms of flexibility, quality, and design of new work environments. Phone calls? Focused work? Brainstorming? Video calls? Outline ideas? Arrange books? Place plants? Hang up a jacket? Sure, anything with Talky. Workspace inside, creative space outside.”
OneCore global is a front-line provider of in-cloud commodity management software solutions. The company is leading the digital commodities revolution that enables customization of XML formats in E/CTRM markets through its two flagship platforms, OneConfirm and OneInvoice.The platforms utilize patent-pending “Bring Your Own Format” software that enables counterparts to customize XML formats for confirmation and invoice matching and reconciliation based on commodity instrument, region, and internal systems.
Ventriks help customers accelerate and enable actionable information with the cloud-native Ventriks Data Platform. Unbounded by scale, flexibility and data type, organisations can extend and mature their data management and analytical workloads using data-application ready connectors, automated workflows and an advanced business rules management system, supported by a Digital Data Marketplace. Ventriks powers the complete data journey across all industries and geographies.
Ventriks Data Platform (VDP) is a cloud-native and cloud-agnostic solution, built for data teams by data teams, that enables users to work and collaborate with any data, unbounded by scale, performance, and flexibility. VDP offers a faster and more efficient platform to ingest, transform, and orchestrate data workloads with no-code data connectivity and engineering, automated inter-application workflow and powerful data targeted components.
Ventriks Data Marketplace (VDM) provides data partners the opportunity to attract and engage with a wider audience and our clients to have a better experience in sourcing, monetising, procuring, and sharing data content.

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SOS MEDITERRANEE is a European, maritime-humanitarian organisation for the rescue of life in the Mediterranean. It was founded by European citizens who chartered a rescue vessel in order to save people in distress in the Central Mediterranean – the in the world’s most deadly migration route. 
Our four headquarters are located in Berlin (Germany), Marseilles (France).
sos mediterranee


WISTA Switzerland is a key global shipping and trading hub, with regional clusters in the Geneva Lake area, Zug/Zurich and Locarno. The shipping and trading activity in Switzerland provides over 35’000 jobs and represents 3.8% of the Swiss GDP. Switzerland, and Geneva in particular, is also home to international organisations such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).
Gafta is the international trade association representing over 1900 member companies in 100 countries who trade in agricultural commodities, spices and general produce. Gafta is headquartered in London and has offices in Geneva, Kiev, Beijing and Singapore. More than 90% of Gafta’s membership is outside the UK. With origins dating back to 1878, Gafta provides a range of important services that facilitate the movement of bulk commodities and other produce around the world.
The International Trade and Forfaiting Association (ITFA) is the worldwide trade association for companies, financial institutions and intermediaries engaged in trade and the origination, structuring, risk mitigation and distribution of trade debt. ITFA also represents the wider trade finance syndication and secondary market for trade assets. ITFA prides itself in being the voice of the secondary market for trade finance, whilst also focusing on matters that are relevant to the whole trade finance spectrum.
The Propeller Club – Port of Geneva is a professional association providing opportunities for Shipping and Trading professionals to network and develop their knowledge.Founded in 1983, the Club has been actively involved in the local and international Shipping and Trading community and presently is proud to have about 160 members including individuals working as shipowners, traders, charterers, logistics providers, agents, banks, insurers and lawyers as well as a large number of companies active in the market.
propeller club
Establishing a globally harmonised digital trade environment.
The ICC Digital Standards Initiative (DSI) aims to accelerate the development of a globally harmonised, digitalised trade environment, as a key enabler of dynamic, sustainable, inclusive growth.  We engage the public sector to progress regulatory and institutional reform, and mobilise the private sector on standards harmonisation, adoption, and capacity building.
The DSI is a global initiative based in Singapore, backed by an international Governance Board comprising leaders from the International Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise Singapore, the Asian Development Bank, the World Trade Organization, and the World Customs Organization.
ICC Digital Standards Initiative (DSI)
The Society of Technical Analysts (STA) www.technicalanalysts.com is one the largest not-for-profit Technical Analysis Society in the world.
The STA’s main objective is to promote greater use and understanding of Technical Analysis and its role within behavioural finance as the most vital investment tool available. Joining us gains access to meetings, webinars, educational training, research and an international, professional network. Whether you are looking to boost your career or just your capabilities – the STA will be by your side equipping you with the tools and confidence to make better-informed trading and investment decisions in any asset class anywhere in the world.
BIMCO, the practical voice of shipping, is the world’s largest international shipping association, with around 2,000 members in more than 130 countries, representing over 60% of the world’s tonnage. Our global membership includes shipowners, operators, managers, brokers, and agents. BIMCO is a non-profit organisation.
Founded in 1972, ANRA is the Italian Corporate Risk and Insurance Managers Association. The main goal of the Association is to promote the establishment and development of risk management knowledge in Italy and to strengthen its own reputation of privileged interlocutor as well as institutional representative for matters concerning risk management. ANRA intends to offer to its members professional update programmes and the opportunity of exchanging experiences.
The object of the Association is to represent and protect the interests and rights of the Zug (and its surrounding area) based community of companies active in the supply chain of commodities, including but not limited to exploration, production, processing, trading and marketing. ZCA members benefit from focused relationships with authorities and with other lobbying groups, and attain relevant information, education and research. Furthermore, ZCA will serve as a platform for social interaction.

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CTRMCenter™ is your source for everything ‘CTRM’. This online portal, managed by leading CTRM analysts – Commodity Technology Advisory LLC (ComTech), features the latest news, opinions, information, and insights on commodity markets technologies delivered by some of the industry’s leading experts and thought leaders. The site is visited by more than 1500 unique visitors per week. CTRMCenter also includes free access to all of ComTech’s research in the form of reports, white papers, interviews, videos, podcasts, blogs, and newsletters.

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Trade Finance Global (TFG) is the leading trade finance platform.
We assist companies to access trade and receivables finance facilities through our relationships with 270+ banks, funds and alternative finance houses.
TFG’s award winning educational resources serve an audience of 160k+ monthly readers (6.2m+ impressions) in print & digital formats across 187 countries, covering insights, guides, research, magazines, podcasts, tradecasts (webinars) and video.
trade finance global
HR Maritime, founded in 2008 by Richard Watts, is a Geneva based company providing services to the International Trading, Shipping and Trade Finance Industries. With a client base both within Switzerland and around the globe we offer guidance and implement tailored solutions to the range of problems besetting a company involved in the Trading, Shipping or Financing of commodities. We work with Commodity Traders, Importers and Exporters, Ship Owners and Managers, P&I Clubs, Insurance Underwriters, Trade Financiers, Lawyers and a number of associated service providers. With our broad knowledge and experience across many areas of business, geographical regions and various commodities, we are able to approach nearly any problem or situation with a practical, pragmatic and innovative solution. We are equally at home working on enhancing efficiency within the largest trading companies as with small exporters or importers looking to break into the international markets. Our services focus on Consultancy, Outsourcing and bespoke Training.

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